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JJDP - Juvenile Justice Diversion Program

Formerly known as the Reception Assessment Center (RAC)
Juvenile Justice Diversion Program or JJDP is a detention diversion program. It is designed to provide law enforcement an alternative to incarceration for youth who have been detained for low level misdemeanor or felony offenses. The goal is to intervene swiftly and connect youth and their family to community resources to prevent further involvement with the juvenile justice system.
The JJDP program has been designed to meet very clear goals that have been developed in conjunction with law enforcement and the juvenile justice system.

These goals include:

  • Alleviate pressure on the juvenile justice system by diverting youth away from incarceration and toward community based services.
  • Provide assistance to youth and families by promoting self-sufficiency in utilizing community resources.
  • Ensure safety of youth by reporting neglect and abuse and arranging temporary shelter when endangered.
  • Provide effective early intervention to minimize further penetration by youth into the juvenile justice system.

New Day Juvenile Justice Diversion Program Centers are located in Bernalillo, Sandoval and Valencia County. The JJDP program serves youth 11-17 years of age.