Success Stories

New Day & Beyond

Sandi Kay is a native of Albuquerque. At 15 years of age Sandi lost her mother. She was first accepted at New Day Shelter. While at New Day Sandi was afforded the opportunity to continue going to school, participate in orchestra, theater and her after school job.

After raising three children and retiring from call center operations and IT recruiting she decided to follow her passion. She became an actress, photographer and a filmmaker. In addition to this amazing industry Sandi developed a line of products to combat the allergies that her children had to many of the personal products on the market.

With more than 12 years of making products for her friends and family Sandi launched Bad Granny's Apothecary. (Now Bad Granny & Co) It is an organic soap, and cosmetics company. She specializes in healthy skin loving products that work well in the high desert. She wildcrafts herbs and other ingredients that are native to New Mexico for her products including: yucca root, cactus, and hierba de la negrita.

Sandi Kay is grateful to have found a safe place with support and kindness in New Day Shelter. Thirty-two years and a whole lifetime of success, challenges and lessons, the compassion and encouragement she received from New Day continues to truly make a difference.

You can take a look at Sandi's product line at