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If you know of a young person between
the ages of 16 to 24 who would be interested in our next session,
feel free to download a copy of the application.
The next session begins January 28th, 2020 through April 16, 2020
Friday, January 10th by 4:30pm!
We have an exciting new position for our interns, job description for Krewe Kaptain and Empanada Artist.
The I'd Eat That! Kitchen Internship is one opportunity New Day offers for young people to gain employment experience and build job readiness skills to prepare for future long-term success. The I'd Eat That! Kitchen Internship is a three month paid internship opportunity to develop hands-on skills working in the food industry, to receive mentoring and instruction from professionals and community partners, and to be part of a new, innovative project! Chef Pam, among others, will work with 6-8 young people each cycle. The young people will develop employability skills during the three month sessions, i.e. financial literacy, customer service, food preparation, food safety, communication, and teamwork to name a few. These young people also have access to a Life Skills Coach that can help them with those daily struggles that can be potential roadblocks to success.

After the first 2 weeks of mandatory training are complete, Chef Pam and the young people will spend their work days creating seasonal empanada recipes, baking the empanadas to perfection, and encouraging the creation of new empanadas by the young people to add to their evolving menu. The empanadas are sold at various community events and locations. The young people will also have the opportunity to get their Food Handler’s Certificate (on us) to give them a leg up on getting employment in the food industry. Throughout the session there will be continuing education not only in the kitchen, but throughout the community where they can hone newly learned skills by interacting with the public and where they can experience and explore various employment opportunities and career pathways.
One of the intangibles of this internship is to help young people “find their spark” and if possible connect them with members of the community who may be able to foster that spark.
We currently partner with Dion's, the New Mexico Restaurant Association, Nusenda, and CNM to ensure diverse training topics, exposure to experts in the field, and ultimately providing space for inspiring ideas and possibilities to come to life. Special thanks to WESST for your support in helping us gain more clarity around the entrepreneurial process. Thanks to everyone else who has supported us by purchasing our empanadas.
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