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Counseling & Case Management

New Day Youth and Family Services is a community-based child and adolescent behavioral health treatment program located in various convenient and non-traditional settings that provides services to all youth and families in need in the agency’s community regardless of socioeconomic status, cultural background, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, or disability.

It is the philosophy of New Day Youth and Family Services that all clients and their families who want behavioral health services are entitled to culturally and therapeutically relevant, respectful and competent services. Based on a family and community systems approach, it is the best contention of New Day Youth and Family Services that behaviors are best understood in a systematic context and that treatment interventions are most successful when they are collaborative in nature, emphasizing the strengths of the individual, family, formal and natural support systems, and the community.

New Day Youth and Family Services believes that cooperative, diverse, broad-based treatment approaches that are present-focused and action-oriented promote responsible behavior and decrease maladaptive behaviors in both the consumer and family members.

It is the philosophy of New Day Youth and Family Services clinical services that:

  • Treatment in a “community setting” offers a unique opportunity for observation of client behavior, the development of coping skills, and the effectiveness of provider/parent/teacher interventions
  • Positive benefits for the individual and family are achieved by creating the safest, least restrictive and most normative environment
  • It is imperative that families and surrogate families are provided the opportunity to fully participate in and collaborate with the interdisciplinary team in the development of the treatment plan and the delivery of services

New Day Youth and Family Services provide outpatient behavioral health services to children & adolescents between the ages of 4-21, and their families in a school or Safe Home setting. The range of behavioral health services include: individual and family therapy, group therapy (on an as-needed and group appropriate basis), crisis intervention, and CCSS services only for those youth who reside and/or are discharged from our Safe home.

The following is a description of the therapeutic services that may be offered at New Day Youth and Family Services:

Individual Therapy   Individual therapy may be provided by a Master’s level therapist or Master’s level intern from an approved University. Individual therapy may occur as frequency as needed to provide the consumer with the support and intervention required promoting therapeutic gains and preventing decompensation in the consumers functioning.

Family Therapy  Family therapy may assist all family members in increasing their awareness of each other’s need’s, develop appropriate role relationships and promotes health and growth of the entire family system. Licensed Master’s level therapists or masters-level interns provide this modality.

Group Therapy  Group therapy (when group appropriate) can further develop social skills that include communication and problem-solving skills, and constructive affect expression. Group content and format will vary according to themes and issues that are relevant to the group milieu that has been identified. Groups may be experiential, process, didactic, or task-oriented in their structure. A licensed Master’s level therapist or intern conducts all therapy groups.

Crisis Intervention   Crisis intervention is available to our established clients who are in need of “stabilizing” the situation using the families strengths and developing skill set. Referral to higher levels of care will be made only after all attempts to stabilize the family environment have proven unsuccessful for the consumer and family. Licensed Master’s level therapists or masters-level interns provide this modality.

Hours of operation are as follows but are subject to change due to school holidays for outpatient therapy:

Service Location Service Location Days Service(s) are available
Longfellow Elementary 4 days a week
Rio Rancho High School 5-6 days a week (part time hours of operation)
Safe Home 5 days a week
Cleveland High School Call 505-260-9912 for information